Curtains are an important part of the home. Besides being practical like giving privacy, insulation and blocking out light, they also provide a nice accent to a room.

When choosing curtains there are many challenges, namely width, length, thickness, type of textile, which finish, is the aesthetic story correct?

Today, we consider more and more how environmentally friendly our purchases are, this includes curtains.

Do eco-friendly curtains ring a bell?

We are used to work with many non-sustainable curtains, think about curtains made in synthetic fabrics like polyester & nylon. These materials are usually made from oil, a fossil fuel with its own problematic environmental issues. The synthetic materials are not biodegradable and further impact the environment when they end up in landfill.

But, natural fibers aren’t always a perfect solution. For example, to make cotton, this ask a lot of resources. Growing cotton is very water intensive, and its farming uses large amounts of toxic chemicals and pesticides are used.

What eco-friendly options are there?

When looking for eco-friendly curtains, there are a number of things to look out for.

You should check whether the curtains:

  • Are made using recycled materials;
  • Are recyclable;
  • Are produced in the UK or Europe;
  • Are free from harmful substance and toxic chemicals.

You might not be able to find all of these characteristics, the more of them your curtains have, the better they are for the environment.

Here we have a few examples of eco-friendly curtain fabrics:

Organic Hemp

This is a versatile material that is both eco-friendly and safe for everyone in the home, including pets. When curtains are made of hemp, they won’t lose their shape or be affected by ultraviolet radiation. They’re also antimicrobial and naturally water-resistant.


Wool is idea for insulating rooms in winter. It’s resilient, heavy and long-lasting. If you’re wanting to block out sound and light, it’s ideal for this too.


Making curtains of linen is a more environmentally friendly choice when compared to certain other materials. One of reasons is because linen has natural insulating properties. Which can help in temperature regulation, reducing the energy needed for heating or cooling in certain situations.

Why should we choose eco-friendly curtains?

As a consumer we are more and more looking for products that are more sustainable. We’ve switched our single-use plastic bags to bags for life, we’re more conscious of our energy use at home and we’re using refillable water bottles more than every before. It’s natural then, for people to want eco-friendly curtains in their homes and offices.

There are numerous benefits to using eco-friendly fabrics. Simply not using chemical treatments and toxic substances is an important one.

Using less fossil fuels and water to produce synthetic substances will help our nature.

What are the benefits of eco-friendly curtains?

Helping nature: When you choose natural and organic fibres, you’ll be helping the planet by reducing wastewater, energy, fossil fuel use, and toxic chemicals. You’ll also be able to dispose of the curtains more easily without damaging the environment.

Better temperature regulators: In summer, they reduce heat naturally and filter the sunlight perfectly. In winter, they’re excellent insulators too. As such, they can improve the energy efficiency of your home or office. A light-colored backing or lining, for example, will deflect the sun’s rays and help to reduce indoor temperature and keep rooms cool. In winter, closed curtains in rooms not being used can keep heat in and draughts out.

Look and feel luxurious: In terms of appearance eco-friendly curtains will give you a nice finishing touch in your home and will give you a luxurious feeling.

Hypoallergenic: While being excellent for the environment, they’re also great for our health too. For anyone suffering from allergies, chemical sensitivities or respiratory conditions like asthma, eco-friendly curtains are a much better choice.


As most people now realise, our individual choices impact the environment. Whether it’s the food we eat, the way we get around or how we heat our homes, our choices matter. Being cognizant of our impact on the environment means we should strive to find sustainable solutions in all areas of our lives. Choosing eco-friendly curtains not only benefits the environment and reduces our carbon footprint but it means we’ll be exposed to fewer harmful chemicals too. These small steps taken today will have big effects on our health and that of our planet.





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